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Seller: Gili Bar-Hillel 
Offered: New "Annotated Peter Pan" book in Hebrew, can be signed by translator/annotator

I am offering a new copy of "The Annotated Peter Pan" in Hebrew, published in April 2011 by Aryeh Nir publishing in Tel Aviv. This books contains a full translation of the texts of "Peter and Wendy" (1911) and "Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens" (1906) by J.M.Barrie, richly annotated by myself, plus supplements such as a biography of Barrie and a comparison of previous Hebrew translations. The book is illustrated throughout with photographs from early stage productions of "Peter Pan", all the etchings by F.D.Bedford from the first edition of "Peter and Wendy" and several of the classic full color plates by Arthur Rackham from "Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens". Note for collectors: this is not at all related to the recent Norton edition annotated by Maria Tatar, but contains all original annotations. As translator and annotator of this book I can sign this copy for you in Hebrew or English at your request. Soft cover with flaps, about the size of a trade paperback, 308pp. Listed price is 98NIS, roughly equivalent to $25.

If there is interest I may also offer my Hebrew translations of "The Annotated Wizard of Oz" and/or "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone".

Minimum bid: $15


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