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This is Terri's puppy, Tilly. Tilly is our mascot and gatekeeper! She likes converting dollars to dog bones, though, so please note the currency exchange.



Seller: Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman

Offered: A week's retreat at Endicott West near Tucson, AZ.

Ellen says:  In partnership with with Terri Windling, Delia Sherman  (deliasherman) and Ellen Kushner (ellen_kushner) have created a small private artists' retreat in the Sonoran Desert, at the edge of Tucson, called Endicott West.

Writers including Charles de Lint, Kim Antieau, Karen Joy Fowler, Ellen Klages, Will Shetterly, Emma Bull and Midori Snyder, and artists including Alan Lee and Charles Vess, have stayed there, and found respite and inspiration.

Now we'd like to make it available to the Magick4Terri community.  

Endicott West has two separate private suites with bathroom, kitchen and garden available, exquisitely decorated by Terri and Delia and our visiting artists.  One of them is as allergen-free as we can make it.  There is also a separate Writers' Hut, dubbed Quail House.

This offer is for one person or one couple to spend one week at E-West during calendar year 2012, dates to be negotiated depending on current bookings.  It does not include any form of transportation (although our caretakers might  be bribed to make airport and grocery runs if you don't want to rent a car). 

 For more information on Endicott West, and to get any questions answered, please go here.

Opening bid: $150

Auction ends at 5 p.m. Pacific Time, December 15th 2011

Please see Mod Note here for bidding instruction changes/reminders


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