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Seller: Elise Matthesen

Offered: An Elise Matthesen Haiku Earring Party In A Box.

Description of a Haiku Earring Party by Peg Kerr:  "Elise had dozens and dozens of earrings spread out on the table when the party started. What you do is you pick a pair, show them to Elise, and she gives you a title. Then you write a haiku based on that title, and then you get to keep the earrings."

Elise says:  If you've ever been to the Haiku Earring Party at WisCon, or if you've read about it and couldn't attend, now's your chance to do your own. I will pull out a dozen randomly chosen pairs of earrings from the ones I am currently making for the 2012 Haiku Earring Party, give them titles, and pack them up and mail them to you.  (The title cards will be folded over so that you have the option of choosing the earrings before you learn the titles, just like the real party works.)  Choose earrings and write haiku inspired by the titles, or get your writing group together for a party and take turns writing to the various earring title prompts. Whee! Endless creativity!

The earrings are made from a  mix of whatever I have left over during the year, so they could contain any of the following: glass, shell, stone, pearls, metal, plastic, crystal, whatever I can find. The earwires are standard bead shop wires (NOT sterling silver or gold fill, but some are plated), so this is probably not suitable for someone with metal sensitivities.

     Sample pair!

Opening bid: $10

Auction ends at 5 p.m. Pacific Time, December 15th 2011

Please see Mod Note here for bidding instruction changes/reminders


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