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Seller: Rick (& Sheila) Berry

Offered: Framed oil painting by Rick Berry. "Distant Cousin." Oil on gessoed museum board; 5" x 7"; signed. Frame may be different than pictured.

Sheila says
: Rick Berry with Tom Canty, Phil Hale, and Rick Salvucci were the Newbury Studio in the early 80's, a wild artist warren, up some creaky stairs above Vincent McCaffrey's Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop in Boston's Back Bay. Terri was a frequent visitor as editor from NYC, and Rick was one of the artists for her Borderlands series. When Terri moved here, she found space to write and edit above an old tuxedo shop in Boston's North End, an 1880's brick warehouse on Endicott St. Her skyline view included Boston's Custom's Tower, The Union Oyster House; nation's oldest restaurant; the elevated highway, and beneath it, the old Boston (mill) Stone from which all distances are measured. Later, she found space on the back side of the building for the boys. Oblivious to their views of the USS Constitution, the Old North Church and Bunker Hill, Rick and his recently graduated apprentice, Phil Hale collaborated on work for books, music magazines, and musicians like R.E.M. as well as their own fantastic explorations, collected in Double Memory: Art and Collaborations of Rick Berry and Phil Hale.

Terri invited me early on to join her and we transformed some of her space to a studio for drawing and watercolors, then Terri would slip away at times to learn oil painting techniques from Rick as she wanted to move her expressive vision into another realm. The strength & creativity of this community inspired Terri -- I think she felt free to blossom and certainly she pushed us as well! She began writing Armless Maiden and painted art that was honored at a Boston Museum of Fine Arts Through the Looking Glass exhibition in 1989. These were the years Terri formed her Endicott Studio with artists in Boston, expanding it's concepts with Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman, then moving on to locations of her dreams.

(Mod note: I think this looks like Picasso went to Fairyland! -- Mia)

Opening bid: $75

Auction ends at 5 p.m. Pacific Time, December 15th 2011

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Re: Back of the queue, brazen woman!
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Re: Back of the queue, brazen woman!
Ha! Playing rough, are we??

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Re: Back of the queue, brazen woman!

Mark Van Name
Dec. 13th, 2011 06:01 pm (UTC)
Re: Back of the queue, brazen woman!
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Re: Back of the queue, brazen woman!


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