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We've had some (very flattering!) inquiries as to who exactly is behind this auction, so we'd like to take a few minutes of your time this morning to introduce ourselves! (We're women of wealth and taste, been around for a long, long time... oh, sorry.)

 Maria (Mia) Nutick ([info]copperwise) is a reviewer, writer, and owner/crafter of the popular Chimera Fancies jewelry line.  She is HQ Auctioneer and HQ Donor Relations. She posts all auctions coming through HQ, handles the massive M4T inbox, works with donors on their offerings, images, and descriptions, and helps DIYers post their own listings. In her spare time, Mia reads nonstop, wears silly hats, fuzzy slippers, and drinks an obscene amount of tea. Mia lives in Portland with Liz and their small herd of ungrateful pets.

 Liz Loveday ([info]orizarising) is a full-time student of psychology and Asian Studies and is Mia's worse better half. Liz is HQ Tech and HQ Social. She runs the Twitter, Facebook, advertising, and codes the website, which includes wrangling Terri's beautiful art into web graphics. Blame any technical malfunctions on Liz. In her spare time, she reads, gardens, and spends a shameful amount of time playing World of Warcraft. She is a Southerner transplanted to Portland, where she lives with Maria and their one dog and two cats.

Deborah Brannon (talkstowolves) is a writer, reviewer, and blogger who leads a double life as the Geek Dame. She is our intrepid field help and tag shepherdess. She watches for spam, settles queue disputes, updates tags as needed, and in general helps us keep the place looking tidy. In her spare time, she reads, works on her podcast SRN: The Signal, and watches a ridiculous amount of television. Deborah lives in Atlanta with her two cats and one husband, Andy.

Ellen Kushner ([info]ellen_kushner) is the beloved and respected author of Swordspoint, popular radio host, and an original resident of Bordertown. Being one of Terri's best friends (a small group that finally nagged Terri into accepting this fundraiser), Ellen is the fairy godmother of this project and enlisted Mia & Liz to run it. Ellen publicizes the auction, contacts donors, and in general cheers us on and keeps our spirits up at HQ. Ellen lives in New York with her wife, the lovely author Delia Sherman.

[[Please note that all of the beautiful images Liz snitches for the website are owned in toto by Terri Windling with her permission - check her art out at http://terriwindling.com, it'll blow your mind!]]


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