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Offered: Blooddrop Perfume Oils Set

Offer: Set of 6 5ml perfume oils from Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries ( Three from the Autumnal Collection, The Grove of Sorrow, and three of your choosing from the permanent collection. This auction is valued at $89.00 and is open to bidders within the US only due to shipping costs. (Bidders outside of the US are invited to bid if they are will to pay $14 for shipping of items to them. You will send the $14 to me after you make the winning payment to Terri.)

If you'd like to have a smidgen of an idea of what customers think about my perfumes, you can check out my Etsy feedback, read reviews on Livejournal, and see nice comments on Facebook.

The Grove of Sorrow by Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries
Many, many years ago in a small area between the mountains and sea, a sorrow did come over a quiet, easy, once untroubled grove. A body of a girl was found along side a bridle path. It was clear she had fallen from her mare and twisted her neck in a quick and fatal way. The mare had been spied by a local townsperson who approached the unfamiliar horse cautiously, and then quickly saw that the mare was steady by her person’s body. Both the body and mare were brought to town to seek out the family of the deceased girl. No family of any nearby village sought claim on the girl and her horse and very soon it became an immediate concern of the grove to lay to rest the body. The local undertaker was asked to provide a casket for the girl, but he only had one coffin fully completed and it had been reserved by a very elderly woman of the town who had been not well for some time. Graciously, the elderly townswoman donated her future resting place for the body of the unknown girl. The fallen girl’s eternal rest bed was an ornate crimson-stained coffin lined in gold velvet with expertly engraved brass trimmings. She was buried where she was found with a small headstone set bearing a quiet message. “Young lady fallen from horse on the day in the month of in the year of.” The mare was placed under the care of the grove’s farrier, but time and time again the mare would not stay in her new pasture and return to the place of the fall and now grave of her mistress. After several escapes, the farrier stopped trying to catch the restless mare and let her be at the side of the girl. As time passed, the fruit of the trees in the grove never sweetened, the flowers that bloomed near the gravesite never gave off fragrance and a greyness seemed to shroud the area. It was said that Sorrow came to rest in this grove and never departed, hence attaining the name “the grove of sorrow.”

The three perfumes are...

The Crimson Coffin
Deep red-stained wood and soft, plush velvet. Imported, ageless timbers, India musk, a blend of vanillas, sweet resins and a sprig of mourning violet.

The Fallen Girl
Pale skin and fragile bones. Apple blossom, white tea, white rose, sweet tears, bergamot, gardenia, alabaster musk and osmanthus.

The Restless Mare
Glossy, ebony black coat, and soft herbs and grasses. Amber, ambrette seed, honey absolute, anise, valerian, nutmeg, copaiba balsam, sage, chrysanthemum and allspice.

The Permanent Collection of perfumes can be seen HERE. You will choose any three from this group!

Contact: info-at-blooddropdotcom

Delivery: Shipment will be made within 1-3 days of confirmation of payment (and shipping if you are outside of the US).

Minimum bid: $40
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