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Live Recording of Emma Bull Concert

Seller: Emma Bull

Offered: Live Recording of Emma Bull Concert

A rare (as in, how the heck can you get one of these anywhere else, huh?) live recording of Emma Bull's concert as GAfilk's super secret guest in February of 2009.

This is a high-quality recording using combined feeds from the sound board and ambient (room) sound. It will be mixed and burned to a CD-R by GAfilk's own hms42 just for you, and if you like, Emma will sign the disk.

Set list includes: "A Girl Needs a Knife," "Madonna of the Midway," "Jetpack," "Raven in the Storm," "Coyotes," "Home on the Range," and more!

Opening bid: $10

Auction ends at 5 p.m. Pacific Time, December 15th 2011

Please see Mod Note here for bidding instruction changes/reminders
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