S Lynn (robling_t) wrote in magick4terri,

offered: hand-knit alpaca hat

Offered: One 100% baby alpaca hand-knit hat, size Adult

I shall redact all the embarrassing banging-on about how much the Bordertown books meant to me in my teens, and note simply that when I heard about the Magick 4 Terri project I was moved to knit this hat for the cause. It's a little bit odd, a little bit improvised, but it's mysterious, it's funky, and it should keep your head warm while you're waiting to get into that club no matter what shape your ears are...

Contact: PM me
Delivery: I'll get it into the mail by the next PO-business-day once I've got your info.

Opening bid: $15
Tags: offered: clothing, offered: hat, offered: knitting, seller: robling_t
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