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Offered: Signed Hardcover "The Map of My Dead Pilots" by Colleen Mondor + AK flying pics

Offer: 1 signed copy of The Map of My Dead Pilots, a memoir about flying, pilots, and Alaska--what it was like to run operations for a bush commuter out of Fairbanks, how sled dogs truly are the worst cargo in the world and how being the low bidders on the Interior Alaska Dead Body Contract is just as disturbing as you can imagine. At the “Company” we flew convicts and high school sports teams, live chicks and dead moose, thousands of pounds of dog food and on one particularly memorable day, a multi-tiered wedding cake. From the Booklist starred review: "The men who flew these missions are, and all too sadly, were, a lethal combination of danger-junkies and hotshots, dreamers and schemers, dedicated professionals and determined daredevils who reveled in the challenges that Alaska's climate and terrain threw their way...if it's said that dead men tell no tales, then thank goodness Mondor is around to do so."

Package will also include selection of Alaska aviation photos (crashed planes! planes in snow! planes in mud! sled dogs in planes!)

Contact: My email is in my user info.

Auction ends at 5 p.m. Pacific Time, December 15th 2011

Delivery: To be priority mailed to the address of your choice after payment is confirmed. I will gift wrap (in an expired aviation map of course!) if you like and personalize the inscription.

Minimum bid: $10
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