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Offered: original collage

Seller: Lynn Hardaker

An original collage from my "Spitalfields Series."  (20 x 20 x 3.5 cm wood panel, hangs on a nail.)  The collage includes an old photo and letter from the Spitalfields Market in London; Japanese, and Italian, and hand painted papers; flowers and a feather I collected, as well as a piece of bracken from a hill in Dartmoor on the edge of Terri's village.  

The collage also includes the first line for a story (which hasn't yet been written) about the woman in the photograph:  
"It was only in the morning's solitary twilight that she could hear that feathered song murmur through her thirsty bones."

I'll gladly send along a copy of the story once it's done. 

opening bid: $60
(I'll cover shipping costs.)

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