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Offered: FEVRE DREAM Issue #1, Signed by George R.R. Martin

Seller: George R.R. Martin

Offered: FEVRE DREAM #1, first in graphic novel series based on Martin's work. Adapted by Daniel Abraham and illustrated by Rafa Lopez. Pristine condition, brand new. Signed across the front in silver sharpie by GRRM.

Prepare for a ten issue vampire epic on the bayou from the writer of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels! From the New York Times Best-selling author, George R. R. Martin, comes a tale of vampire clans, death and debauchery, legendary bloodmasters, and even a few epic steamboat races on the muddy Mississippi.

Opening bid: $30

Auction ends at 5 p.m. Pacific Time, December 15th 2011

Please see Mod Note here for bidding instruction changes/reminders
Tags: offered: dark fantasy, offered: graphic novel, offered: signed, seller: george rr martin
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