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Offered: necklace of beads and bone

Offered: Necklace strung with many and varied beads and snake vertebrae in fall or perhaps desert sunset colors (depending on how you choose to see these things.) Approximately 21" with off-center hand-made copper clasp, plus pendant bottle. The beads include several stones (amber, tiger eye, and something red that looks a bit like pressed rose petals), glass, metal, and wood. The pendant includes a slice of antler as a stop, and a corked bottle for you to fill with your own wishes or dreams.

contact: message my lj account, or e-mail dreams (at) thanate (dot) com

disclaimer: I will happily cover basic shipping to wherever you are, but please check your country's customs regulations about plant & animal materials before bidding. (I am shipping from the USA.)

Starting bid: $15



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