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Morning, folks! It's a rainy Oregon morning here at HQ and we hope you're all safe and warm, wherever you are. We want to thank you for the true magic you made yesterday - we have a running total of over $14,000 in bids and donations. We couldn't do this without you, so thank you: for your bids, your auctions, your tweets, your Facebooks, your blog posts, and for your boundless generosity to help Terri.

Now for some nuts and bolts. Yesterday was a learning curve of trial-and-error for us here at HQ, and we thank you for your patience with our bumbling efforts to keep this auction running as smoothly as possible. The platform is not really set up as an auction site, and you've all done wonderfully with the constraints. We formerly asked you to "thread" your bids by replying to one another on the auction listings, but after some careful research, observation, and evaluation we are doing away with this requirement. It's simply too confusing, especially for external users (non-LJ folks) who have to struggle with cookies and page refreshes. From this point on, we simply ask that you place your bid anywhere within the bidding queue (no need to reply directly to any specific bid before your own). However, this does require you do one thing: PLEASE READ EVERY BID BEFORE PLACING YOUR OWN TO ENSURE YOU ARE RAISING THE BID CORRECTLY. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE FOLLOWING THE AUCTIONS YOU BID ON (PUT THEM IN FAVORITES, WRITE THE LINKS DOWN, KEEP A TAB OPEN, ETC.) IF YOU WANT TO WATCH THE BIDDING PROGRESS.

If, for example, an auction says "10 BIDS", please click "10 BIDS" and read EACH ONE before adding your own. This will ensure that your high bid is correctly recorded. Please don't bid blindly without knowing where the current high bid stands.

Also, if you use the "anonymous" option to post your bid, you MUST sign your bid with some sort of contact information - a name and e-mail, a website, SOMETHING. A post of "anonymous bids $20" cannot be counted as valid. You MUST sign these posts somehow. If you do not sign your anonymous bids, they will be deleted.

[[Also, we need to make the Buy It Now rule explicit: If a post offers a "Buy It Now"price, you must exercise this option with the OPENING BID. If, for example, a ring is listed for a minimum bid of $20 with a Buy It Now of $50, you may ONLY use the Buy It Now option if there are NO OTHER BIDS. We realize some auctions did not adhere to this rule and that is completely our fault for both not explaining well to our sellers and for breaking our own rule accidentally. From here on out, this is the rule. Buy It Now is an option only for the FIRST BID.]]

Thank you so much, for patience, for love, for generosity, for the collective spirit. For everything.
Magick4Terri HQ


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