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Offered: Flash Girls, Play Each Morning Wild Queen, Autographed

Seller: Emma Bull

Offered: Flash Girls' PLAY EACH MORNING WILD QUEEN CD, Signed

The Flash Girls are Emma Bull and the Fabulous Lorraine Garland, and this is their third (and Emma thinks, best) album. Songs by Neil Gaiman, Todd Menton, Fabulous Lorraine, and our pal Trad, among others. Featuring guest performances by...pretty much every Minneapolis musician we know! Includes:
Driving with Noel
Lily of the West
Buckingham Palace/Dunford's Fancy
A Meaningful Dialogue
Race to the Moon
The Wine with the Stars In It/Mr. and Mrs. O'Mara
All-Purpose Folk Song (Child Ballad #1)
Sure of Me
Ride On/Reverend Guinness
Personal Thing
Nottingham Ale

Album art by Michael Zulli!

The disk is brand new in its wrapper, but Emma and Lorraine will tear off the plastic and autograph the booklet or disk for you if you'd like.


Opening bid: $10

Auction ends at 5 p.m. Pacific Time, December 15th 2011
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