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Offered: Natalia Pierandrei Watercolor, "Yellow Ochre"

Seller: Natalia Pierandrei

Offered: Yellow Ochre, a black india ink and watercolor painting on white paper. A4 size (8.25" x 11.5"). Signed.

About Natalia: I was born in Italy where I have lived for most of my life and where I currently work as part-time illustrator. Starting at my earliest memories, I have always had a passion for drawing. Fed on a diet of cult TV, fairy tales and comic books I inexorably followed the path of imaginative art. Stories feed the soul, I am an avid reader and I strongly think the illustrator is a storyteller who can create images and worlds made of magic, mystery, love, romance, tragedy, possibilities are limitless.

Opening bid: $100

Auction ends at 5 p.m. Pacific Time, December 15th 2011
Tags: offered: art, offered: illustration, offered: original art, offered: painting, offered: signed, seller: natalia pierandrei

December 14 2011, 03:06:12 UTC 2 years ago

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