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Finally, thank you.

And here, on January 16th, 2012, is where our fellowship comes to an end -- seems like we've heard that somewhere before. Ah well! What we mean to say is: here is where Magick 4 Terri ends for good. The auctions have been won, paid for, re-offered, accepted, paid for, shipped, re-shipped, and contacted. Our artists, writers, and miscellany creatives assure us that everything is being shipped or arranged, and if you bought something, you should be getting it very soon if you haven't already. If you don't, hit us up at magick4terri@gmail.com and we'll put it to rights - don't worry, nobody is going home without their pretty. Even if we do have to beat someone about the kneecaps. We'll be monitoring the mailbox for the next couple of months, so we're still here for you if we're needed.

But for our last official HQ post, here is where we thank you.

Poets, painters, potters, thank you.

Writers, wordsmiths, weavers, thank you.

Craftsmen, cooks, copy-editors, thank you.

Sculptors, singers, seamstresses, thank you.

Jewelers, jam canners, jazz players, thank you.

Knitters, bakers, candle-makers; harpists, agents, and teachers, thank you.

Buyers, sellers, watchers, sharers, likers, tweeters, friends, and carers, we thank you.

Ellen Kushner, David Shane Odom, Emma Bull, Will Shetterly, Deborah Brannon: thank you, thank you, thank you.

You raided your barns, your attics, your desks, your bookshelves; you opened your tiny fairy doors and convinced them to give their charms and their spells to one of their most favorite godmothers. You made masks, mixed perfumes, baked cookies, knitted scarves and hats and tea cozies, signed books, painted pictures, wrote poems, arranged music, cut collages, and parted with treasures too precious to imagine. Oh, and the Lord Dunsany volume of poems? The one signed by the Lord for Christmas? It was purchased by a Dunsany descendant for her sister, and was sent home to Ireland by ghost-mail express.

We will always remember the time - a chilly grey Portland December -  when our home and life were suddenly taken over by fairies and goblins, cuddly monsters and riotous mayhem, sweetly-singing sirens and hypnotic perfumes, flashing knitting needles, clacking looms, snipping scissors, flying paint, warming ovens, scribbling pens, and books, books, books.  We will never forget your month of magic, and neither will Terri, Tilly, and all of the Windling wildlings.

Now here is something for you.

We will never forget your rising.
Liz & Mia, M4THQ


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