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We're back...

We hope that you had a lovely holiday!

We have returned to tracking down the bidders who have not paid and any unpaid/uncommunicated about items will be officially offered to the next bidder on January 2nd! We would say January 1st but we don't expect many people to be watching their email or checking the Internets after all that bubbly!

Also, a request:

Please do not open PayPal disputes at this early juncture if you haven't yet received your items. We only finished processing payments and notifying donors that it was OK to send out items on the 20th (a few on the 21st). With holiday mailing and the fact that many items are going between countries, it's highly likely that even things shipped priority are going to take more than 4 or 5 days to arrive. We did ask that donors email winners when they shipped the items, but we know that people are forgetful and not everyone did that. We also know that some donors were having family holidays. If you are concerned please email us and we'll check with the donor in question for you. We expect that you shouldn't actually be concerned for at least another week.

Much love to all and oh my goodness it's very nearly 2012!!!



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