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Offered: Set of Artist's Proofs Of Upcoming Neil Gaiman Broadside Release

Seller: Biting Dog Press

Offered: A set of artist's proofs for an early concept of a Neil Gaiman broadside (poster) project.

Here's the kicker: these are NOT the final design, they are concept designs for the project that they were working on. They liked both, but they went another direction with the design. So you will be the ONLY person with these two poster designs. (Or you and the friend you give the other one to, after asking them to perform a regulation amount of groveling...)

Because each of these is a proof copy, it is printed on regular paper and not the final handmade paper that it will be on.

Because this is an UNRELEASED project, and will be released in 2012 in both broadside and bound form, they have asked us to blur the actual text of the piece, but you can get a general idea of the look of the two posters.

Neil has worked with Biting Dog on broadsides and other special projects. We here at HQ can assure you that this one will knock your socks off.


Opening bid: $30

Auction ends at 5 p.m. Pacific Time, December 15th 2011

Please see Mod Note here for bidding instruction changes/reminders
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