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Seller: Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman

Offered: Signed Froud Catalog and Souvenir Reception Invitation

Ellen says: The legendary Froud family has an exhibit up in NYC (through 2/12/12) at Animazing Gallery.

It features the largest collection of paintings, sculpture and drawings by Brian, Wendy & Toby Froud in history. This is their first exhibition in the US and the full-color catalog contains more than 100 paintings, drawings & sculptures from the exhibition, including the lost Labyrinth collection, and new sculptures from Wendy & Toby.

Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman attending the exhibit opening Reception on Dec. 1, and got each Froud to sign the catalog to donate to "Magick 4 Terri."  We'll also throw in the invitation to the Reception!

The Frouds are old, close friends of Terri's-- in fact, it was Wendy's idea to hold this auction in the first place!  We can't thank them enough for their loving friendship to Terri over the years.  (Have you seen Brian's painting of Terri as a Faerie Princess?)  She also used to babysit for Toby.


Opening bid: $15

Auction ends at 5 p.m. Pacific Time, December 15th 2011

Please see Mod Note here for bidding instruction changes/reminders

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